3 Ways Authentic Native American Items Become Available For Art Auctions

Native American art features unique designs, natural elements, and a lot of history and culture. If you are interested in making purchases at an online Native American art auction, then you may have some curiosity as to where the art actually comes from. The sellers of Native American art can vary and come from different sources. When you know the source of the art sales, you can feel better about your purchase and understand exactly what you're getting.

3 Benefits of Meeting Comic Strip Artists at Fan Conventions

Fan conventions held all over the United States include a wide range of professionals in the world of pop culture and arts. When you attend the conventions, you have a wide of performers and artists you can meet. One of the categories includes comic strip artists. Often booked alongside comic book artists, comic strip artists appear at conventions, will have their own booth, and give fans the opportunity to meet the artist live in person.

Custom Picture Framing 101 | Mounting Methods

Custom picture frames can really make or break a great piece of art. If you shove everything into a ready-made frame from your local home goods store, the final product mey neither look good on your wall nor protect the art long term. Custom picture framing, however, can turn the simplest object into a work of art. While all the options available with custom picture framing may seem overwhelming, expensive, and even confusing, the most important place to start is how to mount your art within the frame.