3 Benefits of Meeting Comic Strip Artists at Fan Conventions

Fan conventions held all over the United States include a wide range of professionals in the world of pop culture and arts. When you attend the conventions, you have a wide of performers and artists you can meet. One of the categories includes comic strip artists.

Often booked alongside comic book artists, comic strip artists appear at conventions, will have their own booth, and give fans the opportunity to meet the artist live in person. Check out some of the benefits of meeting comic strip artists at fan conventions and ways to make the experience memorable.

1. Autographed Comic Strips

When you meet comic strip artists at conventions, you have the opportunity to purchase comic strips autographed by the artist. Not only can you have your favorite strip or collection of strips autographed, but you could have the autograph personalized with your name.

Choose what you want to do with the comic strip. For example, you could frame the strip and hang it up in your house as a nice display piece. You could gift an autographed comic strip to a friend.

2. Exclusive Convention Content

To help build hype for convention appearances, many comic strip artists will prepare exclusive content only available at the show. For example, an artist who creates farm animal comic strips may create an exclusive convention logo print that features the farm animal designs. An artist could create a comic strip only available at the convention.

When you attend the event, you can purchase exclusive content and enjoy the rare pieces that you cannot purchase at other locations.

3. Custom Drawings

Comic strip artists may show off some of their drawing skills live at conventions. Look for events where the artists draw custom drawings for guests. The drawings could include custom artwork that features signature characters. The artist could draw caricatures of guests who attend the convention. You may even request certain drawings of your favorite characters.

The custom drawing you receive is truly a one-of-a-kind piece that becomes a nice collectible to own and display for years to come. Along with the piece of artwork, you get to watch the process as an artist draws their creations. Watching an artist draw adds a lot of fascination to their creations and will give you more appreciation for the work they put in.

Look up convention schedules to find out more information on when your favorite comic strip artists will appear in your local area.