Artistic Ideas For Outdoor Tile Murals

Your outdoor landscape is an area that is limited in terms of design opportunities. In fact, many property owners tend to think of plants and shrubs or fountains as the limit to any landscaping project. The truth is, you can share your artistic ideas and create unique and amazing ideas for your outdoor living space. One way to do this is with outdoor tile murals. Here are a few artistic ideas for these types of murals to help you get started. 

Pool Mural

If you own a pool, you already have an ideal canvas for unique outdoor tile murals. In fact, there are already companies that create these types of murals specifically for swimming pool walls and floors. The tiles are designed with each tile in mind and with the end result of creating one large picture of a scene. If you are considering this as an option, you could go with a traditional beach landscape. Sunsets, beach scenes, and coastal sky scenes are the most popular. However, you can also go with an abstract artistic scene that fits the color scheme of your outdoor landscaping. 

Stone Fence Mural

Some property owners have a stone fence in their backyard. These fences are attractive on their own, but they do have a lot of wasted space. You can take your creativity to the next level and create a customized tile mural for the stone fencing. There are several ideas you could go with, but sticking with landscape-style scenes is a popular choice. For example, if you have a landscape filled with succulents, you may decide on a desert scene for the fencing. If you are in a cabin-style home, you could use a nature scene or animal scene to add to the character of the space. 

Outdoor Patio Wall Mural

Outdoor patios with outdoor fireplaces are popular with homeowners as this type of patio provides an extra living space that can be used during the summer and early fall. The fireplace generally creates a small patio wall as well. You can use the customized tile murals to create an abstract design on the wall space. You can also choose to go with a specific design such as an abstract background with a cattle skull western theme. This gives the patio a more room-like feel and complete look. 

Outdoor tile murals can be ordered with your own design added. You can also hire an artist that is skilled with tile murals to handle the project. These murals can be sealed for outdoor use and can hold up to most weather damage. If you are ready to move forward with an outdoor tile mural project, contact an area tile supply store or artist.