Inspirational Artwork That Features Farm Animal Comic Strips

If your child enjoys drawing and is fond of animals, a homemade comic strip book or bedroom wall display can provide them with inspiration to create custom character artwork. Purchase or collect farm animal comic strips and use a book-making or framing technique to prepare the artwork for viewing.

The Purchase Or Collection Of Comic Strips

A comic book hobby shop, an illustration shop, a book store, or a private artwork dealer may sell farm animal comic strips that were created decades ago or more recently. Your child's artistic abilities and their age may influence whether you purchase strips that contain relatively simple characters or ones that are greatly detailed and that display many speech bubbles that use humor and wit to signify the exchange of words between two or more characters.

If you choose a fairly popular comic strip that is printed in nationwide or local papers, purchase a series of newspapers that feature the strips and cut them out from each periodical. Compile a collection of comics over the course of a few weeks.

The Book-Making Or Framing Process

Look through all of the artwork that you have accumulated and select two or three representations of each farm animal that will be displayed in the book or wall display that you are making for your child. Purchase a binder if you are planning to make a book. Secure each farm animal strip that you have cut out to a piece of cardstock. Use a hole puncher to create holes in the sheets and secure them inside the binder. Use the title of the comic strip to guide you in creating cover art for the book.

Purchase some cardboard, wood, or metal frames that can be used to create a wall display. Painted paper, cardboard, or canvas can be used as the backdrop of each piece of wall art. The pictures can be displayed over the desk that your child usually sits at while drawing. 

Themed Items That Correspond To A Comic Strip

Some cartoonists have created memorable characters that are occasionally used to create a line of goods that fans can be purchase. Stuffed animals, clothing, posters, and other memorabilia that feature one or more of the animal characters can be used to complement the homemade book or wall art that you have created. Display the supporting items near the area where your child will be creating illustrations.