Three Things You Should Know About Controlled Fine Art Storage Units For Your Collection

If you are an artist or a collector of fine art, there may come a time when you need to store your art. Perhaps you need short-term storage because you are in the process of relocating, or maybe you need long-term storage for any number of reasons. But whatever the case may be, you are aware that your art is valuable and cannot be stored in a regular storage facility. There are, however, storage facilities that cater to those with fine art. The following are a few things you should know when selecting one.

Security must be a top priority

Security covers a lot of ground and includes protection from environmental damage and loss from fires. Your collection must also be safe from theft.

Environmental safety is more than a temperature controlled facility. The facility should have control over the humidity as well. There should also be a fire suppression system in place that both works to reduce the chances of a fire and puts one out quickly in the event that one breaks out.

Security from vandalism or theft must also be a top priority. This type of facility should have limited access, and this access must be controlled to the point that it is difficult for unauthorized entry to occur.

The facility should have a variety of accommodations for your artwork

There are many possibilities for the storage of your collection, and much of this will depend upon the nature of the artwork. A fine art storage facility will have a variety of racks and shelving for your pieces that will keep your collection safe. They will also have the best materials available to keep your art protected. Viewing areas are often available if you want to display your collection or sell portions of it.

The management and staff will understand your collection

A knowledgeable onsite manager and well-trained staff are essential for any top line facility. They can listen to a description of your collection and recommend the right sized storage unit to maximize its safety. This will also include any custom interior storage accessories. In addition, the staff will have skill in moving fine art, so they can assist you with moving your collection into storage. They will often have moving equipment that is unique to the fine art industry.

If you need to store a fine art collection, you should be aware that there are facilities that specialize in this type storage. They offer security for your collection from fire, humidity, and other damage. These storage companies understand the value your collection has, so they offer security from theft and vandalism. The storage units are designed for optimal storage of fine art, and their staff are knowledgeable, so they can help you store your collection safely.

For more information on controlled fine art storage, contact a local storage facility.