What To Know About Adding A Wall Mural To Your Business

If you are wanting an economical and tasteful way of helping your business to attract attention while standing out from nearby competitors, the addition of a wall mural to the exterior can be an excellent investment to make in your enterprise's marketing approach.

Will A Wall Mural Be A Durable Addition To Your Building's Exterior?

Business leaders may appreciate the aesthetics of having a wall mural on their building, but they may avoid making this addition as a result of assuming that the wall mural will fade very quickly. In reality, these murals are applied to the exterior of the building with an extremely durable paint that can withstand both the moisture and sunlight that will bombard the exterior of the building. Businesses can generally expect a wall mural to last for many years without needing to be touched up or reapplied.

How Do You Keep A Wall Mural Clean?

Proper care is essential for keeping the wall mural looking good, and regularly cleaning the mural is the most important type of care that you can provide to it. When you fail to clean the mural on a regular basis, it can become stained and discolored, which may be difficult to undo. Avoiding the use of harsh cleaning chemicals or bleaching agents is essential when cleaning the mural as these substances can degrade the pigments. In most cases, providing a thorough rinsing of the exterior wall is all that is needed if it is being cleaned on a regular basis.

Will Graffiti Permanently Ruin A Wall Mural?

If you are concerned about having a wall mural applied only to have it be permanently ruined by graffiti, it should be a relief to learn that graffiti does not always permanently ruin wall murals. The paint that is used in professional wall murals is extremely resistant to markers, spray paint and other materials commonly used in graffiti. Due to this, you may find that most types of graffiti can be gently washed off the mural without causing harm to it. For the best results, you might want to retain a professional wall mural service to remove the graffiti. These services may have solvents and equipment that will allow for the graffiti to be lifted from the mural without damaging it. Depending on your insurance, you may find that these repairs are even covered under your policy, which can help your business avoid the expenses of restoring the mural. Contact a company like Miss Hein Studio for more information.