How To Make Your Wine Last Longer With Climate Controlled Storage

If you are a wine collector, you take pride in your collection. It is common to buy wine that you do not plan to drink right away. Many wines taste best within a few years of the release date. If you want your wine to mature, then it helps to invest in professional-grade storage. Read on to find out how to make your wine last longer with climate controlled storage.

Improves In The Right Conditions

Wine is one of the things that can improve with age. It can also deteriorate fast when stored in the wrong conditions. If you do not have a wine cellar, then you should take advantage of climate controlled storage services. This service allows you to control the conditions for your wine collection.

Understand The Role Of Humidity

Humidity is one of the things to which wine is sensitive. If you have too little or too much humidity, it can cause problems for your wine collection. Humidity is important for wines that use corks for closure, as these corks tend to dry out when humidity levels are too low. This can allow contaminants and oxygen to seep into the unfilled space of the wine bottles.

On the other hand, high humidity levels can cause damage to the label on the bottle. The ideal humidity level for storing wine should be between 65 and 75 percent. You can protect your collection by using a storage facility with climate control.

Understand The Role Of Temperature

Temperature plays a role in how well wine matures. Wine is susceptible to the changes of the temperature. It matures best at a cool temperature. On the other hand, a warmer climate can make your wine mature faster. If you store your wine at the wrong temperature, then the flavor and taste of your wine starts to change. You do not want your wine to spoil, which results in a raisiny taste. Freezing temperatures can also cause the bottle to expand and the cork to move up the bottle.

Understand The Role Of Lighting

The wrong lighting causes problems with the aroma and taste of your wine. If you have wine in light-colored and clear bottles then they must be stored in darkness. Dark wine bottles are not as susceptible, but you still have to limit exposure to harsh lighting. You want to choose a storage unit with automatic lighting that goes out when no one is inside the unit.

Some people enjoy having a glass of quality wine to relax with or with their dinner. A climate controlled storage unit allows you to maintain the quality of your collection.